Col. Virginia Lake is a senior member of SHADO


Lake is a SHADO scientist and a computer specialist who was a member of the "Eutronics" tracking device design team. A target of Alec Freeman's romantic attention, Lake, like Paul Foster, is a comparatively recent addition to SHADO: both Col. John Grey & Col. Craig Collins are shown as being of longer experience and senior within SHADO to both Lake and Foster. She was romantically involved with Foster for a time, and later served as Moonbase Commander, before returning to take over the post of SHADO first officer, replacing Freeman. She initially has a somewhat tense working relationship with Straker, though they appear to have grown close over time. [N 1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Lake was portrayed by Wanda Ventham.



  1. She is seen comforting him in the final scene of the final episode, "The Long Sleep".[1]