The Responsibility Seat
Episode A-25
Jo fraser and Straker

Jo Fraser (Jane Merrow) and Straker in conversation.[1]

Production Info
Director Alan Perry
Story by
Screenplay by Tony Barwick
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Previous Ordeal
Next Episode Produced The Square Triangle
Transmission Info
Episode 25
Airdate March 8 1973
Previous Episode Reflections in the Water
Next Episode The Long Sleep


Freelance journalist Josephine Fraser comes to Straker's office, looking for a story but she plants a bug and absconds with the tape she has made of his conversations, having creamed him with a vase. He pursues and catches up with her, taking her on a date and leaving Freeman in 'the responsibility chair' to make all the decisions. When a Russian mining company's vehicle runs amok on the moon and threatens the SHADO Moonbase it is down to Foster to save the day for Freeman.

Notes: The Sovatek Mining Base is 120 miles east of Moonbase

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Second Unit Director or Assistant Director


  1. Argenteam

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