The Dalotek Affair
Episode A-17
UFO Dalotek Affair 076

Lift off[1]

Production Info
Director Alan Perry
Story by
Screenplay by Ruric Powell
Production Code
IMDB Reference tt0735635
Transmission Info
Episode 17
Airdate 10 February 1971
Previous The Man Who Came Back
Next Timelash


A meteorite lands on the Moon following an abortive UFO attack, and the Moonbase's video and radio links with SHADO fail. Foster suspects that Dalotek, a private mining company with a nearby base whose operations are opposed by Straker, may have accidentally been using the SHADO frequency, but, even after a further black-out in which a module crashes fatally, Dalotek is ultimately exonerated. Foster has hit it off with Jane Carson, Dalotek's glamorous communications officer, but Dalotek staff are subjected to amnesia treatment to make them forget the incident so that, when she meets Foster a year later, she does not recognise him.[2]

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