Episode A-08
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A tense moment[1]
Production Info
Director David Lane
Story by Alan Fennell
Screenplay by Alan Fennell
Production Code
Previous[2] Kill Straker!
Next[2] Destruction
Transmission Info
Episode 8
Airdate 11 November 1970
Previous[3] Kill Straker!
Next[3] Destruction


After an underwater UFO has attacked and sunk a freight ship in the ocean, Straker, Foster and SHADO Lieutenant Nina Barry join a submarine crew to find out what they can. However, they too are attacked by the UFO's vessel and, as a result, their submarine is grounded on a ledge. Straker has to overcome his claustrophobia in order to work out an escape plan.[3][N 1]


  1. This episode takes place in 1984


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