Production Info
Director Ken Turner
Screenplay by Ruric Powell
Production Code
IMDB Ref tt0735620
Transmission Info
Airdate 7 October 1970
Previous The Cat with Ten Lives
Next A Question of Priorities
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Lunar Module 32 is destroyed when a limpet craft operated bu the aliens attaches itself to its side and blows it up. The wreckage is widespread. Straker then orders a clean-up operation to rid the countryside of all craft detritus. However, this is not enough for General James Henderson, the chief of the International Astro-Physical Commission, who believes that SHADO should be disbanded.

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  1. tim gueguen on Thursday, August 02, 2007 - 6:54 pm: Its interesting to see a TV script from 1969 that presents the idea that space junk might be a threat to spaceflight. Very precient, as the amount of junk in orbit is increasingly a concern. However the method of getting rid of space junk used in the episode is a bad one. Blowing something up merely turns one piece of space junk into many smaller ones. The proper way of getting rid of it is to somehow make it enter the Earth's atmosphere so it burns up. ScottN on Thursday, August 02, 2007 - 7:44 pm: They weren't concerned as much with it being in the way, as with it being a hiding place for UFOs. By blowing it up, they made it (by UFO TV logic) harder for UFOs to hide there.



The Episodes
(Listed in filming order)
Production Block 1:
Identified I Computer Affair I Flight Path I Survival I Exposed I Conflict I The Dalotek Affair I A Question of Priorities I Ordeal I The Responsibility Seat I The Square Triangle I Court Martial I Close Up I Confetti Check A-OK I E.S.P. I Kill Straker! I Sub-Smash
Production Block 2:
The Sound of Silence I The Cat with Ten Lives I Destruction I The Man Who Came Back I The Psychobombs I Reflections in the Water I Mindbender I Timelash I The Long Sleep