Confetti Check A-OK
Episode 22
Confetti check meeting

Meeting at SHADO HQ [1]

Production Info
Director David Lane
Story by Tony Barwick
Teleplay by
Production Code
IMDB Reference tt0735626
Transmission Info
Episode 22
Airdate 10 July 1971
Previous Computer Affair
Next The Sound of Silence


When the wife of a SHADO officer, Lieutenant Grey, gives birth, Straker is put in mind of events of ten years earlier when he was still with his wife Mary . He had recently established SHADO but the responsibility and degree of commitment put a heavy strain on his marriage. Mary saw him visiting another woman but it was professional and not sexual, but he felt unable to tell her the truth without jeopardising the organization.

Notes: In a deleted scene, in 1971, Keith Ford interviews William Lloyd, who claims to have seen a UFO in his garden, and afterwards, Straker invites him to join SHADO, although Ford will not become chief communications operative until 1978


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