• 12: Astronaut Bill Grant is killed when an alien shoots through the observation point of the Leisure Sphere, which then undergoes an explosive decompression.


  • 4: Three Interceptors are sent to frustrate a UFO attack, but one collides with the UFO, killing the pilot, Ken Matthews. Lieutenant Gay Ellis was giving the pilots their instructions, and Straker suspects she sacrificed Matthews to spare another pilot, Mark Bradley, her apparent lover. Psychological tests on Gay and Mark, as processed by a computer, confirm that they are in love, but both deny it. When an alien lands on Earth, Gay sends Mark to capture it, to prove that she is impartial and prepared to risk his life. He comes through and goes on a date with her. Straker tells them that if Gay had followed official SHADO protocol, all three pilots would have been killed.[N 1]
    Computer Affair


  1. Another possible factor is the fact that the attack in which Matthews died took place on Bradley's 29th birthday.